5 Things To Look For When Screening Tenants in Norwood

By knowing these things to look out for when the time comes for screening tenants in Norwood, you’ll avoid making a mistake that could be both a personally and financially costly lesson. Call KaseyBuysHouses.com today to learn more at 617-690-8173.  While it is common practice to run credit checks as a routine part of your … Continued

5 Ways A Direct Sale Will Save You Money in Norwood

So you find yourself ready to sell and while you don’t want to pay all of the commissions and fees that come along with a traditional real estate agent, you also dread all that is involved with listing the property as for sale by owner. At KaseyBuysHouses.com, we’ll take the time to listen to all … Continued

Selling My House Fast in Norwood

You need to sell your Norwood house fast right?  If you’re saying… “I’m having the toughest time selling my house fast in Norwood“… you’re at the right place 🙂 These tips will help you get your property sold. [NOTE: Most important – if you really need to sell fast, consider the option of selling for cash offer … Continued

How To Make Money Buying and Selling Mortgage Notes in Norwood

Did you know you could purchase other peoples mortgage notes, or promise to pay, through the secondary mortgage market? In this post, we will discuss how you can make money buying and selling mortgage notes in Norwood. Banks, or mortgage originators, often bundle mortgage notes and sell them, the transaction is fairly complicated, but the … Continued

I’m Relocating And Need To Sell My House In Norwood

Relocation is a complicated exercise in coordination. We get local Norwood home sellers calling us or submitting their house info on this website every week saying “I’m relocating and need to sell my house in Norwood“.  The great thing is that we’re able to help a good many of those sellers sell their house quickly … Continued